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Power Generation Systems



    We offer components, services, and consultancy focused on the power gen industry. The focus is on smart power generation, energy management, and energy conservation.



    Electronic speed governing and AVR retrofitting


    Often an older diesel or gas power generation unit will require renovation of its speed governing and voltage regulation systems, in order to deliver the best possible performance, twinned with modern synchronizing and load sharing equipment.

    We offer a full consultation and retrofitting service for most older engines and generators, to ensure that your initial investment can provide many more years of reliable service.

    Before investing in a new generator, take a moment to find out how feasible it will be to renovate the old one.

    As long as your equipment is not worn out, we can guarantee result in most cases.



















    LV Switchgear


    The assembly combinations of our partially type-tested low-voltage switchgear are reliable and economic. For low-voltage main distribution boards or low-voltage distribution boards, we use type-tested and not type-tested units assemblies and type- tested cabinet systems.

    Satisfying the customers’ requirements, components are used from various established manufacturers.


















    MV Switchgear


    We can offer a full consultation service for the supply and installation of a wide variety of low and medium voltage switchgear systems, including ATSs, MDBs, and Synchronizing systems for island operation, peak shaving or peak lopping. Load management systems for intelligent load shedding. MCCs…

    Our MV consultation services include the selection of switchgear from a variety of suppliers, transformers and protection relays and instrumentation to give our clients a seamless service guaranteed to work first time.















    Peak Shaving


    Parallel to grid peak lopping and peak shaving, is a well established technology in most of the world. We synchronize Diesel Gen sets to the mains and run them in parallel.

    We then allow either the grid or the gen sets to supply the base load and the other source to supply the rest.

    This can have huge cost savings in areas where a variable mains tariff exists at certain times, or above certain load levels.














    Synchronizing and Load Sharing

    BlackBox offers a wide variety of controllers for the synchronization and load share market. Our basic controllers provide standard features for parallel or load share applications which are easy to set up and use.
















    Load Management


    Instead of running a large generator to supply a small variable load, we use smart electronics to start up, synchronise and load share multiple generators, of similar, or different sizes, in order to accurately match the gensets on line  to the apparent load. 

    In this way, only the most efficient combination of gensets are running, at the most efficient load levels,  thus saving fuel, and reducing mechanical wear.

    Our systems can also automatically and sequentially shed non priority loads, in the event of a partial plant failure, in order to avoid an overload on the sets remaining on line.  This can help avoiding a total blackout.















    Pf and Harmonic conditioning


    The power that you use is composed of both active (working) and reactive (non-working) elements. The active power does useful work in driving loads whereas the reactive power only provides the magnetic field.


    Reactive power charges can be made significantly smaller by the introduction of Power Factor Correction Capacitors Banks which is a widely recognised method of reducing an electrical load and minimising wasted energy, improving the efficiency of a plant and reducing the electricity bill.


    With the increased presence of electronics on power distribution systems, disruptive anomalies are created, and harmonics can become a problem.  Active harmonic filters use power electronics to monitor the nonlinear load and dynamically correct every harmonic order from the 3rd to 31st. By injecting a compensating current into the load, the sine wave is restored, and distortion is dramatically reduced to less than 5% THD.



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