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    Dual Fuel Systems


    In this day and age, rising fossil fuel prices has brought about a surge in interest for a smarter energy generation systems, which were not considered before, due to their high cost, bulkiness and relatively low efficiency.

    Today, these smart generation and conservation systems are becoming more and more efficient and cost effective.

    We have solutions for running traditional Diesel engines on a mixture of natural gas and Diesel, a solution that makes sense in countries with a plentiful, inexpensive natural gas supply.

    While this is not yet the case in the Middle East, it will certainly be soon. We offer you this technology today.




















    Cogeneration (CHP)


    An engine running on fossil fuel is only about 28% efficient; the remaining 72% of the energy is wasted as heat.

    In a CHP system, we can use this heat energy to heat or cool a building, or as part of an industrial process requiring heating or cooling.

    In this way, heating and cooling, which usually make up the largest part of any electrical load, are provided absolutely free of charge, thus allowing you to use a much smaller generator for your electrical power needs, saving you even more!

    We supply total solutions for CHP, from heat exchangers, to thermostatic valves, to fully automated control systems.
















    Hybrid Power Systems


    Hybrid power systems allow the use of a combination of fossil and renewable energy sources to be used seamlessly together to supply energy.

    Typically a scheme would involve a photo voltaic solar system, paralleled and load sharing with both mains and the standby Diesel Gen sets, in order to allow peak shaving.

    The solar system will help both mains and gen sets, by reducing the total load on them, thus reducing your energy costs.












    Solar Hot Water Heating


    Typically, one of the largest expenses in most home / building or industrial applications is water heating.  Usually hot water is produced using electic water heaters, or diesel or gas fired boilers. 

    We supply a complete range of  evacuated tube solar heating systems.  We specialise in high capacity, high performance systems, which require special training, tools and expertise to fit, but return the highest efficiency available on the market today.  Our systems will provide a plentiful supply of hot water all year round, absolutely free of charge!

















    Photo Voltaic Power Systems


    We create and deliver bespoke solar energy solutions to the commercial, industrial and public sectors for new build, refurbishment projects and for existing buildings. 

    With our leading expertise, we can provide you with an integrated PV package, from the design & consultation stage right through to installation and performance monitoring.

    We supply Island mode, grid tie and hybrid systems, depending on your specific requirement.

















    This is the practice of using a VFD to supply rectified DC when being motored, in order to feed power back into the grid. This process can save up to 40% of the energy used by a machine, such of cranes or elevators.



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